Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hari Raya 2010 Special #1.3

Hi! After many months of conducting bakery lessons, the festive season is nearing yet again! We have conducted quite a number of lessons which are suitable for the coming Raya, whether for business or leisure. For those who have missed them and yet are interested in discovering new ideas for Hari Raya this year, we have summarised a few highlights from now till the end of July.

#1. Chef Alex Goh's Cupcake/Cake/Puff on 25.06.10 (Friday)
Other than teaching how to bake the cupcake, cake and puff, Chef Alex Goh will be showing participants how to decorate the cupcake and cake. The cupcake will be decorated using buttercream. This will be suitable as gifts or even as business products during the festive season as the cupcakes will look more appealing to adults and children alike!

#2. Chef Alex Goh's Hands-on Puff Lesson on 27.07.10 (Sunday)
Participants are going to experience for themselves how to make the different types of pastry which include spiral curry puff! With the skill of making such pastry, participants can make these finger food for their family and friends, or even for business purposes, during Puasa month or the Ramadan month!

#3. Chef Alex Goh's Hands-on Frozen Dough Bread Making Class on 11.07.10 (Sunday)
Participants are going to learn how to make frozen dough for bread. This is useful for bread lovers as it saves time! It is also useful for people who are exploring business opportunities in the bakery/pastry field. Do not miss it!

#4. [Class Full]Ms Tan's Cupcake Lesson on 19.07.10 (Monday)
Ms Tan's Cupcake lesson has been a success, with her returning with the exact same lesson for the 6th time in mid July! On average, 20 participants attend her lesson each time and there are also those who do not have a chance to attend it due to the limit in the number of participants. This will be the last time that Ms Tan is conducting the cupcake lesson before the Raya. Should anyone miss this lesson again, we are sorry to say this, but you may have to wait till Hari Raya is over before the lesson is repeated.

#5. Alan Ooi's Tart Lesson on 24.07.10 (Saturday)
Chef Alan Ooi will be conducting a tart lesson in the morning on 24.07.10. Three types of tarts will be taught and the price of lesson is reasonable. Don't miss this "once in a blue moon" opportunity!

#6. Alan Ooi's Chocolate Lesson on 24.07.10 (Saturday)
Chef Alan Ooi will be back on 24.07.10 for the exact same lesson which was conducted on 13.06.10. Most of us should have known by now, that chocolates are now very popular among people, especially as gifts for families and friends! Out of the five types of Chocolates taught by Alan Ooi, two of which will be pralines, where there will be fillings. It is easy to make chocolates using mould but what about chocolates with filling?

Hope that the above has been useful to you. If you are interested in making pastry for your family and friends, what are you waiting for?

Please scroll down for complete timetable.

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